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Calacatta Eiffel

What are Calacatta Eiffel made of?

Calacatta Eiffel is made of blending the natural mineral quartz with different types of resins, polymers, and pigments. In comparison to Granite (that 100% is  natural, quartz countertops is a semi-natural artificial stone product. The ratio of these ingredients is a perfect blend for better quality and durability. Talking about the benefits of quartz countertops, they are far more durable and heat resistant in comparison to granite. They are 100% non-porous; in this way, it is almost impossible to stain; white quartz is suitable for use in the kitchen for the reason of its nonporous properties.


What does Calacatta Eiffel use for?

Whether you are designing a new home or updating an existing space, or you are contractor, fabricator, wholesaler or designer, we will refer you to our calacatta Eiffel. It is stunning surface solutions.It can used as the kitchen countertop, vanity top, table ect.

What is the feature of Calacatta Eiffel?

The Calacatta Eiffel is an Italian Marble inspired quartz. It features intriguing grey veins set against a clean-white background. This quartz brings the timeless look of marble with modern practicality. It doesn’t come with the maintennance of the price tag of real marble.