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Calacatta Gold
---New Zhong Yuan Quartz

Calacatta gold series from NEW ZHONG YUAN QUARTZ is a true stunning  statement. It features an off-white background with a diagonal veining in a subdued gray and gold. Each vein is hand-crafted on Calacatta marble look designs, with its expansive marbling effect entwined with its subtle and elegant colors, Calacatta gold styles the trendiest quartz of the year.

Our Calacatta gold quartz series is man-made engineered stone with more than 90% quartz sand and less than 10% polyester resins and pigments. It is extremely solid and non-porous, and resistant to scratching and staining.

It is can be used in varieties of applications. The large patterns of Calacatta Gold make it a perfect choice for both large kitchen spaces including waterfall countertops, kitchen islands and large backsplashes, as well as smaller kitchens that are looking for simple and modern countertops.

1. Calacatta Gold Series--ORO

Closeup Of Oro

Gallery Of Oro

Strong veins of light gray and gold that strike through the surface like a bolt of lightning as the surface appears a natural look of Calacatta marble, the rich coloration and movement delivering a unique and revival of a beloved classic with contemporary appeal. It can brighten up your interior space, and create a simple and clean look in your home.

2. Calacatta Gold Series--Florence

Closeup Of Florence

Gallery Of Florence

A natural look resembling marble, wide and dramatic gray veins in the neutral white background with a sort of luxurious look, nothing too dramatic. This simplicity offers an elegant appearance that can be used in a wide variety of design styles and color trends.

3. Calacatta Gold Series--Toscana

Closeup Of Toscana

Gallery Of Toscana

Patterned with a stunning grey vein plus golden shades, this is undeniably eye-catching lot features a rich rust coloration, made even more vibrant with a polished finish. Especially with the additional golden though, it does make the style choices and coordination a bit more limited than the typical quartz types. The gray and gold present throughout the surface giving unique originality to the countertop and allowing a harmony between the wooden floors, cabinets and wall colors.

4. Calacatta Gold Series--Baltic

Closeup Of Baltic

Gallery Of Baltic

Whether you are looking to create old world charm or dazzle a modern space, the warm undertones of gold and beige gray, with an intricate veining pattern, displaying a chic and timeless design in whatever form used. It is wonderful material for use in spaces to inspire movement or encourage relaxation.

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