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Which Thickness Is Right For Your Countertops ?

Generally speaking, there are 3 standard thickness of quartz slabs used for countertop fabrication.

  • 1CM, some manufactures actually use 1.2CM ( 3/8”)
  • 2CM (¾”)
  • 3CM( 1 ¼”)

Each thickness has its own application and it is important to know these differences when shopping for new countertops.

1CM or 1.2 CM Countertops

1CM or 1.2CM, the thinnest option, is typically used for 2 applications.

(1) Prefabricated countertops, with the edges pre-laminated and pre-polished, known as “prefab” in the industry. A laminated edge is made by taking a small strip of the same material and gluing it to the bottom of the slab, effectively making it look double the thickness. It can be done with any thickness of material. 

(2) Vertical wall cladding, includes fireplace surrounds, shower walls, or wainscoting, primarily because of its lighter weight. The fragility of the thinner material is typically negated once it’s secured to the proper backing such as plywood or drywall.

2CM Countertops

2CM is also found in prefab, laminated edge applications. But 2CM quartz without a laminated edge is becoming a popular look among people with a modern, contemporary aesthetic. Because quartz is stronger and requires less support than granite, its thinner profile can be used to create a clean, minimalistic look.

Besides, most prefab quartz countertops are made from a 2CM body with a 4CM laminated edge as well. It is most seen in new construction housing where the builders are trying to achieve a high end look at a low cost.

3CM Countertops

3CM material can go directly on top of the cabinets without the need for plywood support, it is the preferred thickness for most countertop fabricators, designers, and architects.  It offers the most durability, size flexibility, and largest color and design options.

In a word, 1CM or 1.2CM quartz is most typically used by builders, flippers, or budget conscious consumers who want the lowest price product available while still having the overall look of quartz counters.  Both 2CM and 3CM are far superior to prefabricated 1CM or 1.2CM which will require plywood support and has very limited factory produced sizes which can lead to seams that can be avoided with 2CM or 3CM slabs that are cut to size just for your kitchen.

If you’re not sure which countertop thickness is right for you, the answer is 3CM. 3CM is the standard for custom cut countertops and provides the highest strength and durability of all the countertop options.