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What is leathered finish ?

Need a new kitchen countertop? Not into glossy quartz? Leathered finish probably fits you. It is a newer style of stone finish that has become more popular in recent years.

What is leathered finish?

Leathered finish is a surface that is textured and pebbly, like leather, can be put on darker marble, quartz, or granite to bring out a rich texture. The finish is achieved by further processing the stone through sanding and buffing, sometimes using brushes and water jets.

A leathered finish quartz usually used for countertops, vanities and outdoor applications.

Here are some reasons leathered finish quartz could be a hit for you kitchen remodel:

(1) It enhances the color of the stone.

While smooth stone offers high shine, leathered stone brings out the rich natural color. Want the best of both worlds? Opt for what’s known as a caressed finish, which polishes the raised parts of the leathered stone to add back some sheen.

(2) It resists fingerprints and scratches.

Glossy countertops will see their fair share of fingerprints, and they can get scratched more easily. When you remove the shine, as with leathered stone, you won’t see fingerprints or scratches on the rugged texture.

(3) It doesn’t require resealing as frequently.

To be fair, all stone countertops need to be resealed eventually. But with glossy and honed stone, it needs to be done more frequently so that the counters won’t absorb moisture and get stained. With leathered stone, the finish closes off the pores, leaving it less prone to water absorption and staining.