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Trends Of Quartz Stone

Numerous building adornment material from product performance analysis, lumber contains the harmful substance such as benzene, formaldehyde, the woodiness furniture that has 80% on the market at present exists benzene, formaldehyde exceeds bid phenomenon, and natural marble has the harm that shoots big, adverse to human body, interior decoration is impossible 360 degrees omni-directional use. Quartz stone is filled with natural quartz sand as raw material, heated and solidified by vacuum high-pressure furnace.

Green building decoration stone quartz stone in the decoration can replace the previous stone, but also made great improvement in environmental protection, the future society is sustainable development of society, environmental protection and energy saving is the theme of society, so in the next few years, the green building decoration quartz stone will be greatly developed!

Currently, ceramic, natural stone material is decorating market two kinds of main materials, the waste of resources, environmental pollution is more and more serious today, with more attention paid to the environmental protection consciousness, under this condition, the production to replace polluting products is very important to the environment, and quartz, with easy maintenance, green building decoration on the surface of no pollution, easy to clean, instead of the surface of natural stone is easy to be oxidized, easy to absorb dirt, discoloration, difficult to clean, color of natural stone is not equal problems, at the same time both ceramic finish and wood easy processing characteristics, can create the best home space, decorative strong. Now it is widely used in cabinets and countertops. In addition, it can also be widely used in the wall, ground shop, column, ceiling of high-grade residence, villa, star hotel, commercial square, airport, subway station, etc., or for deep processing. In fact, the application of artificial stone is still too narrow, its wider application fields are still to be developed. it will break through the traditional application fields and have a very broad application prospect, especially for all kinds of special-shaped artificial stone building materials, such as handicrafts, artificial stone walls, floor tiles, furniture fabrics, ceilings and so on. It can replace high-grade pottery and porcelain completely, wood, metal kind adornment material.

Besides, for production process, die-press production will become the main production mode of quartz stone in the future. This one-time molding process, the material utilization rate is as high as 99%, which is conducive to the control of production costs of enterprises.