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Storage & Cutting


Slabs should always be stored vertically on 105°/slight angel with secure poles on both sides of slabs.A-frames are intended to be moved only when slabs are secured to the A-frame. Secure the slabs to the A-frame with banding/straps. Never attempt to move an A-frame that is not banded/strapped.

Slabs should not be stored on A-frames without banding or strapping the slabs to the A-frame.The A frame should be protected from any impact that may tip a slab or the entire A-frame.The number of slabs on either side of the A-frame should be balanced to make the A-frame more stable.


First cut should always be along with the longest part of the slab then the shortest part of the slab: no plunge cutting/relief cut should be preformed.

Quartz should always be kept cool with enough water while using the appropriate diamond tooling or higher pressure cutting jets.

Double cutting , first cutting the material to half the thickness of the slab can be used with thick slabs and slightly warped slabs.

Cuts should never cross in the corners. This will introduce stress into the area and cause breakage later in the process,installation ,or during the application.

Do not cut square corners. Always apply radius corners using a core bit.Always avoid creating excessive heat when cutting cutouts.