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Quartz Stone

Quartz stone, as a new decorative surface material, has been widely used in home decoration and other aspects, and is being recognized and accepted by more and more consumers. Meshing eye-catching beauty with nearly indestructible durability, it’s perfect material for your choice. The surface of quartz stone is smooth, flat and without scratch retention. It is widely used in interior decoration of residential and public buildings, such as kitchen tables, sink tables, dining tables, ground, stairs and so on.

In this blog, the characteristics of quartz stone and man-made stone are compared and explained, in order to let consumers know more about quartz stone and some suggestions about home decoration of quartz stone:

  1. Quartz stone up to 93% natural quartz(Si02) as the main material, and add the mixture of saturated resin, mineral pigments, additives and compound agent, etc.
  2. Quartz stone mesa is really to clean and sanitary mesa.Quartz stone counter are special craft processing. Its dense surface without holes, the formation of unique texture of micro convex concave surface, not easy to hide ashes and make it easier to clean.
  3. Quartz stone countertops are cost-effective countertop.Compared with ordinary man-made stone, quartz stone tables have longer lifts, more difficult to change color, not easily deformed, impermeable , and more resistant to the characteristics of the row. Basic special maintenance is not necessary. After years of use, the surface can still be as beautiful as new.
  4. Quartz stone countertops are truly non-toxic and non-radiation environmentally friendly countertops.

As is known to all, natural stones contain have heavy metals and radioactive. The raw material of quartz stone before artificial composite is granular, and after strict beneficiation, washing and impurities, and there is no radioactive problem. Corrosion resistance: quartz stone table has excellent acid and alkali resistance. Its corrosion resistance is the best performance in man-made stone and stone, and the acid and alkali in daily lift is not enough to damage the mesa. Compared with man-made stone, quartz stone had property of acid and alkali resistance. Anti aging: quartz stone materials containing high quality composite agent and anti-aging additive, which has strong anti-aging ability, at room temperature, after years of basically do not observe the aging phenomenon of the material. Anti fade: quartz mineral color, anti fading ability is not high, the local contrast exposure perennial under strong sunlight, the naked eye is difficult to observe the color change, basically can be considered as non fading materials.