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Multi-Colors ——Whisper

Multi colors comes in varying shades of blue-grey, described as being “Whisper” when next to a piece of Calacatta.  The veining is smaller, softer and tends to be more linear.

A true piece of Calacatta marble is pure white, with darker, more dramatic and prominent veining.  People have believed for many years that the more expanses of white on the stone, the more desirable.


Whisper is the most common stone from the multi colors region, and is produced in abundance! You’ll find no shortage in the mountains nor the household.

With Calacatta however, there is less availability and it is much rarer.  This plays a big part in why Calacatta is considered one of the most luxurious and sought-after marbles.

Whisper is a very unique quartz slab. Designed for kitchens, fireplaces and wall cladding. The background color and vein color is warm, through each thick and thin vein you will be delighted by hints of brown and gold. The earthy tones are what make this quartz slab unique. The colors that strike through this marble design will pair beautifully with accents of gold, nickel, chrome, black, or even silver. The slabs are available in large format. 

Whisper quartz features a white background with warm-colored narrow veins. The vein structure is very proportionate throughout the slab, which display’s how far innovation and master craftsmanship has come in the engineering process of quartz slabs. Whisper is offered in large format and has a vein matching option to ensure that your countertops flow together seamlessly. 


Believe it or not, Multi color can be as inexpensive as Granite. Because of its availability, it is generally a lower cost than the rest of the Carrara grades.

But we are talking the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to the cost of Calacatta. Considered the most luxurious, this is the most high-end, high-priced natural stone you’ll find on the market. They say, the whiter the Calacatta, the higher the cost.